Cloud Channel Use Cases

Enterprise Social Media Platform and Remote Management

send Promote company culture and team spirit or healthy lifestyles by creating contests and virtual events. Make the remote workforce more visible.

send Allow employees to share their interests, hobbies, or kids activities.

send Host channels of support groups to help colleagues suffering from difficulties or illnesses.

Interactive Media Collaboration

send Remote collaboration and async communication for media and non-media files.

send Searchable and sharable of any files (controlled upload/download); one can work in cloud and/or on edge devices.

send Interactive media - annotating, editing and discussing video at specific timelines.

Interactive Archive

send Video conference recordings (Zoom, MS Teams, GotoMeeting...) are archived with searchable notes and click to share or discuss right at the timecode.

send Receipts of business expenses or tax records can be archived with a phone instantly as it happens and click to send all to accounting at end of a month (analytics).

send Single place for all digital data for things like sales(quotes, text/emails), marketing(videos, pamphlets...), escrow, tax, service/support(diagrams, photos...) ...

send Mobile access and backup without a local app. It supports end to end encryption with access control. It can also securely and reliably distribute media and documents worldwide. It can serve as corporate private YouTube as well.