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Apace global distributed media asset management and workflow unify data anywhere

Apace multi edge and cloud ready MAM enables data management and access for customer scattered data at edge and cloud

ORANGE, CA., USA, April 20, 2022 / (official article) — Apace, a leading media workflow and asset management software solution provider, continues to improve its mature enterprise MAM called postMAM Global to not only manage data at edge and cloud, but also offers a unifying view to all enterprise's scattered data from a single web-based view. Specifically, the solution offers a multi-tier MAM structure that can scale with data by running as needed copies of MAM as the data storage grows. As such, scalability for large pools of media data is assured via multiple Databases and its servers. Copies of MAM can run next to the data wherever it may reside edge or cloud and it is all presented all as one to the users at the global scale.

The flexibility offered assures data to managed in place per configuration needs while minimizes transport and consolidation of data to give customers more control on cost of maintaining and accessing the data with intelligent workflow options to minimize egress costs from cloud.

Additionally, Apace is offering three parts of AI: facial recognition, editable audio transcription and object detection. Apace provides AI training services and associated object based library management to further automate MAM ingest and make it more useful and efficient.

"As percentage of media data and in specific video captured from different sources such as recorded web-meeting, to field capture of media with mobile increases in people's daily life, media management and access become a necessity that will garner the attention of enterprises for efficient uses in business processes," said Dr. Lee Hu, President/CTO of Apace. For more information visit


Apace is a leading production workflow and media asset and projects management vendor in Orange, California. Apace offers innovative solutions to efficiently search, store and access media data at the global scale. The company serves high growth professional broadcast, production, education, government and corporate media markets. Visit Apace at


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