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Catalog your XenData Archive Using AI from Apace Cloud Channels

Apace Cloud Channels is a media collaboration cloud application powered by AI. It complements a XenData on-premises archive for a hybrid workflow

Orange, CA., USA — Apace Cloud Channels is a media collaboration cloud application powered by AI. It complements a XenData on-premises archive for a hybrid workflow. The XenData archive provides a repository for high-resolution content that is cost-effective, highly scalable and secure. Channels creates and stores low-resolution versions, including proxies, of the archive contents. It makes the XenData archive searchable, browsable and accessible from anywhere.

Apace Cloud Channels displays search results in a web page. Search parameters include persons derived from facial recognition and text captions obtained from speech to text transcriptions.

For video files, the low-resolution proxy can be played within the Channels user interface. And the original hi-res version can then be transferred directly from the XenData on-premises archive to the user's computer.

There are secure connections between Apace Cloud Channels and one or more XenData on-premises archives. And for secure user access to Apace Channels, this is administered using verified email addresses.


XenData is a leading provider of scalable active archives for media applications. They offer: On-premises LTO archives that include robotic libraries which scale to 100+ PB On-premises object storage disk archives that provide a private cloud interface Hybrid archives that combine on-premises disk storage and public cloud Whichever solution you choose, it can now be integrated with Apace Cloud Channels, a cloud solution that creates and stores proxies of the archived content in the cloud and uses advanced AI techniques to search video based on facial recognition, speech to text transcription and other metadata.

Xendata - Apace Channels Integration

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Apace Cloud Channels, when integrated with one or more XenData archives, delivers a solution that combines the cost effectiveness of on-premises archives for storing high resolution content with the ability to browse and search for files via secure web access from anywhere. Furthermore, Channels takes advantage of AI techniques to automatically create metadata which supports search via facial recognition and text derived from speech to text transcription. By storing only low-resolution versions of the archived content in the cloud, the overall costs are kept under control.

The integrated solution runs an Apace service on the XenData archive which securely uploads files that are held on the XenData cache to Channels. Channels automatically transcodes high-resolution video files from the archive, producing low-res proxies and then deletes the uploaded hi-res content to keep cloud storage costs to a minimum.

The Apace service is 'offline attribute aware' which means only files held on the XenData disk cache are uploaded. For a XenData LTO archive with a robotic library, this ensures that no unwanted load is placed on the LTO library. And, by configuring XenData disk cache policies to retain newly written files on cache for a short period of time, all newly archived files will be processed via the Apace service and sent to Channels.


Rich Search, Browse & Play
Apace Cloud Channels adds rich search capabilities to a XenData archive, including search based on facial recognition and speech to text transcription to make your data alive.

Review/ approval, comment and threaded chat, click to share allow collaborating at the timecode and frame level from a desktop or phone.

Secure Global Access
Selected files may be transferred directly from the archive to a userís computer, located anywhere world-wide.

Automate Human Tasks with AI
The need for human creation of metadata is minimized because of the advanced automated creation of metadata.


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