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Apace Hybrid AI Media Portal: Aggregating On-Premises and Cloud Data with Cloud Channels to make your institution smarter

Single access and collaborate for all your media, anywhere - one click to retrieve raw data from any Storage silos

Orange, CA, USA — Apace, an enterprise media workflow and cloud services provider, introduces an update to Cloud Channels for efficient on-premises and in cloud media data management. This encompasses cloud access, collaboration, and AI capabilities through the Apace Cloud Channels SaaS, along with managed raw edge access, thereby streamlining data flow and enhancing cataloging for enterprise users.

The workflow securely aggregates and unifies fragmented enterprise media data between the edge and in the cloud.

Harness the power of institutional memory: Seamlessly manage and centralize diverse data types, including video, audio, and images (e.g., video web meetings, board meetings, HR training, webinars, marketing, support, and design) from various sources and departments into a single portal. Make them searchable and annotatable on the timeline, gaining a competitive edge and unparalleled efficiency.

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Apace is a leading production workflow and media asset and projects management vendor in Orange, California. Apace offers innovative solutions to efficiently search, store and access media data at the global scale. The company serves fast growing media uses for professional broadcast, production, education, government and corporate media markets. Visit Apace at


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